Install Instructions

To download a file, simply click on the download link, save the .rar file to your computer, use WinRAR (Windows) or Stuffit (Mac) to extract the .sims3pack file from the .rar file and then double click on the .sims3pack file. It will be automatically installed to your game.

Attention please!

Please DO NOT re-upload any of my models on other websites or claim them as your own. Also, DO NOT tweak them a little bit and then pretend they are yours.


I've decided to only upload my models on RSD (as opposed to the rest of my stuff that's usually available on MTS as well). The good thing is that I can share them all with you directly without having to go through the long uploading process that MTS is forced to require from all its creators, but on the other hand,  there's no way for me to know how many people download my models and I don't get near as many thanks and comments from you guys, so please feel free to leave a comment, thanks or your requests in my shoutbox!


Asuka Takeda

Asuka Takeda is the newest sensation in Sunset Valley. With her great looks and undeniable musical talent, there's no doubt that Asuka will become the next Sunset Valley Idol.
Party Animal

Lifetime Wish

Dessert: Key Lime Pie
Music: Pop
Color: White

Custom content

Important: All the custom content I used to create Asuka is free. In order for Asuka to appear exactly as shown in the screenshots, you must download the following custom content and install it in your game:

Sliders: CAS Adjustable Female Breast Sliders by Delphy, available here.

Skin: Asian default replacement skins by 234jiao, available here.

Eyes: Default Replacement Eyes for TS3 by Aikea Guinea, available here.

Hair (download the hair with and without the ribbons): Lolita, by Snake Legs, available here.

Makeup: White Eyeliner by Rose (under The Sims 3/Makeup/Page 3), available here.

Everyday Dress by Rose (under The Sims 3/Clothes/Page 3), available here.

Formal Dress by Rusty Nail, available here.

Sleepwear by Rusty Nail available here.

YYY T-Shirt (athletics) by me, available here or here.

Bracelet by Rose (under The Sims 3/Accessories/Page 7), available here.

Nails: Fancy Fingers 2.0 by daluved1, available here.

File Size: 1342 kb
File Type: rar
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Special thanks to...

Kenna24 for testing her out :)