About me...

Hello everyone. I just thought I`d take the time to say a little something about myself. Well... What is there to say? I`m a university student living in Montreal, Canada, and I`m addicted to TS3. It`s such a wonderful game and it also allows me to express my creativity. I also love the fact that the stuff I create can be shared with the world instantly. I'm a French speaker (which explains my occasional grammar mistakes... ) and I`m studying to be a social worker. If you ever need anything translated to French I`d be happy to help.

aKa Rudrakali

Where the name Rudrakali comes from...

"Surrender to me, and no doubts, no fears, shall ever remain in your heart", says the Goddess, as she plucks a pink lotus flower petal from her golden crown. "Does this person you care about so much love you, or not? Will they be able to return your affection or will they simply reject you once you find the courage to confess?" Rudrakali releases the sacred petal into the air and gazes at you intensely. "Before this petal touches the ground, you shall know." Time seems to stop as the divine omen begins its descent. Rudrakali-sama’s soft lips are no longer moving, but her entrancing voice can now be heard from within. "As for the truth of your own feelings, mortal, nobody, not even I, Rudrakali, mighty destroyer of all doubts, can tell.